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Plumbing problems and plumbing emergencies can occur at any time, day or night. When you need help with your plumbing system, having a professional and reputable company to call is essential.

As an employee-owned company and your local Dallas plumber, we’ve spent decades providing residential and commercial customers in the Dallas area with professional support for all types of plumbing concerns. When you call our team, you can feel confident your plumbing problem will be handled quickly and affordably.

Some Of The Plumbing Problems We Solve

Our Dallas plumbing company team provides service for multiple plumbing issues. Some of the most common issues our team provides service for are highlighted below.

Faulty or Dripping Faucets

The sound of dripping water is something most people want to prevent. It’s annoying and frustrating – even worse, it is a sign you are wasting a lot of water. Dripping faucets can have many causes, ranging from improperly-sealed pipes to high water pressure, so our team will evaluate the issue with the faucet and provide the needed repairs.

Leaking Or Faulty Toilets

You may not notice leaks in your toilet. Instead of having a mess on your floor, the leaking water goes down the drain, which means money down the drain. If your toilet continues running day in and day out, you are wasting water and money. The most common issue is a rubber flapper problem, but there could be issues with the chain or something else.

No Hot Water

It’s a rude awakening when you discover your hot water is not working by getting into an ice-cold shower. Whether there’s a problem with the heating element or your water heater’s power supply, our team can evaluate your water heater and determine if repairs or replacements are needed.

Lower Than Normal Water Pressure

One of the most annoying issues, beyond the leaky faucet, is water pressure that is too low for most homeowners. Weak water pressure makes showering much less enjoyable, and causes can range from clogged pipes to issues with the valves. Our teams will identify and correct the problem so you can enjoy the full strength of your water supply.

Emergency Or After-Hours Repairs

Some plumbing problems can’t wait. We offer 24-hour emergency service and after-hours support at no additional cost (even on holidays) for our club members.

Each Plumbing Visit Includes

When you call our team for plumbing services and repairs, you can expect a few things. These include:

  • Professional technicians who arrive on time
  • All technicians will be in marked vehicles and uniforms and are background checked
  • A thorough evaluation and inspection of your plumbing system and the problem you have
  • Our team will talk to you about the repairs needed and the costs involved
  • Professional repairing or replacing for problem areas
  • Free estimates, transparent fees, and communication from start to finish to ensure you receive a great value

Our Dallas – Fort Worth Plumbing Services

As the best plumbers Dallas, TX residents rely on, we offer plumbing services for all of your home and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning needs. Employee-Owners care about meeting your needs and delivering consistently excellent service. Our services include:

  • All plumbing repairs performed by highly-trained, state-licensed plumbers
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Hydrojetting
  • Water heater repair and replacement
  • Tankless water heater repair and replacement
  • Gas leak location and repair
  • Water leak repair
  • Electronic leak location
  • Slab leak detection and repair
  • Toilet replacement
  • Bathroom and kitchen faucet replacement
  • Sewer repairs
  • Whole house and point of use water filtration
  • Boiler installation and repair
  • We can also service residential air and heating systems

Other Plumbing Services

We offer several other plumbing services to our customers, as well. These include:

  • Air Conditioning and HVAC services
  • Gas line repair
  • Sewer line service
  • Water heater repair and inspection
  • Slab leak services
  • Help for tankless water heaters
  • Installation and repair services
  • Support for new construction plumbing and commercial plumbing projects
  • Testing for new equipment

We know better than anyone that your drain and sewer lines keep your house functional. From backed up lines to leaks, we can keep your home operating smoothly!

Tempo Plumbing Club Membership

Tempo’s Plumbing Club is your opportunity to get extra perks and benefits when calling in help for home or commercial plumbing systems.

By joining our Tempo Plumbing Club, you will have peace of mind knowing that plumbing issues can be found and handled before they become worse or cause severe damage. With these services, we can provide tune-up solutions to all the essential systems in your home.

Some of the top features of our Plumbing Club include:

  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Discount on repairs and replacement service
  • Workmanship guarantee
  • No overtime charges
  • Priority scheduling
  • Extra information about seasonal specials

You can count on us to deliver superior results when installing or repairing your plumbing, regardless of the issue you face.

Tips for Hiring the Best Plumbing Company

Finding the right company is essential if you are ready to hire a plumbing company for plumbing repair services. When searching for the right service, be sure to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Look for a company with trained and professional technicians
  • Make sure they’re licensed and insured
  • Verify that they have the ability to repair or replace any part of your plumbing system
  • Get a guarantee of transparency from start to finish
  • See if they have emergency plumbing service availability
  • Ask if they have masks and sanitation protection for handling Covid-19

Any Dallas plumber that doesn’t meet all of these guidelines can’t provide the highest level of service.

Call Us for Plumbing Help

Our team is here to help if you are dealing with plumbing problems at your home or business. Contact us at (972) 579-2000 to learn more about our plumbing services and why we are considered the premier plumber in Dallas for any service call in the Dallas Fort-Worth area.


Here are some of the most common questions people have about our services near DFW. Don’t forget, when you’re searching for “plumbers near me”, you can give us a call for an expert’s response to other plumbing questions.

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Why Does The Toilet Keep Running?

Usually, this issue is caused by the flapper not closing properly or failing to seal around the flush valve. If this happens, you can jiggle the handle, and the issue will likely be fixed. Sometimes, the flapper will need to be replaced, which is an easy and affordable fix.

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What Can I Put In My Garbage Disposal?

It’s important to remember, garbage disposals are not able to handle everything. They can only break up softer debris. For example, you can put eggs, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, and similar items in this. However, you should avoid putting eggshells, coffee grounds, and bones in the garbage disposal as this may jam the disposal and wear the blades.

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Should I Fix A Leak Myself?

Sometimes, you can fix simple leaks on your own; however, this is not always the case. If you don’t know what to do, what the issue is, or what needs to be done to make repairs, calling the professionals is best.

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Should I Tackle A Plumbing Job Myself?

Your plumbing system can be quite complicated. While you may think you can handle plumbing mistakes, a small mistake can result in more issues and more costs. By hiring us from the beginning, you can avoid this situation. This is especially important if you have problems with sewer lines outside of your house, where repairing the plumbing needs a professional’s touch.

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How Much Will Plumbing Repairs Cost?

The cost of the plumbing repairs you need depends on the issue. Our local plumber team can provide a thorough evaluation and let you know what the costs will be. As the plumber Dallas residents trust, we offer quick and accurate pricing estimates, as well as warranty protection on select services.

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Is It Safe To Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Store-bought drain cleaners can be extremely toxic. As a result, they should not be used without caution. Also, if used too often, they can cause your pipes to deteriorate, leading to the need for even more repairs.