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Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

How is the Air Quality in Your Home?

According to the EPA, “The quality of the air inside your home can be much worse than the quality of the air outside.”

According to an American Lung Association® report, “In the past 20 years, an emerging and expanding body of evidence has shown that indoor air quality has tremendous impact on human health. Americans-especially infants, the elderly, and persons with chronic diseases-typically spend 90% of their time indoors where they can be exposed to very high levels of air pollutants.”

“Keeping the air in your home clean is particularly important for people with asthma or allergies,” says John L. Kirkwood, President and CEO of the American Lung Association®. In the quest for energy efficiency, we’ve actually made things worse. Homes are built tight these days. While tight construction lowers utilities, it also lowers air quality, trapping pollen, molds, fungal spores, viruses, bacteria, smoke, gas combustion by-products, outgassing from carpets, furniture, plywood, and drywall, cleaning supplies and other personal care items, pet dander, and more. To improve the situation, we adhere to the three-step process recommended by the American Lung Association® to fight indoor air pollution: 1) Source Control, 2) Ventilation, and 3) Air Cleaning. The correct prescription for your home depends on your budget, comfort system, and family lifestyle.

Take Tempo’s Indoor Air Quality Test to help determine how the comfort experts at Tempo can improve the quality of air inside your home!

Take our Indoor Air Quality Test!

  1. Do you have pets in your home?
  2. Does anyone in your home smoke?
  3. Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies, asthma or breathing difficulties?
  4. Do you ever suffer from a dry throat, dry skin or experience static electricity in your home?
  5. Do cooking or other odors tend to linger in your home?
  6. Do you tend to use anti-bacterial household products like soap or cleaners?
  7. Have you ever purchased or used portable (plug-in) room air cleaners or humidifiers to relieve symptoms of unclean or dry air?
  8. Are there some rooms or areas in your home that are uncomfortable or that vary dramatically in temperature? (Ex: too hot upstairs, too cool downstairs)
  9. Do you regularly program your thermostat for energy savings?
  10. Has it been more than a year since you had your heating and cooling system cleaned and inspected?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, it is likely that the quality of the air inside your home can be substantially improved. Contact Tempo today to learn about your options for improving your home’s indoor comfort and air quality!

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