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“I wanted to let you know how extremely happy we are with the HVAC systems you and Tempo engineered and installed for us in our home. After repeatedly paying electric bills in the $400-$500 range every month during the north Texas summers, this past season, our highest bill was $181, and our average charge for the four summer months was $160. Our peak electricity consumption is down from 4,411 kWh in August 2011 to 2,402 in August of this year.

Beyond the savings, our home is far more comfortable and much quieter than before – seriously, we rarely hear these new systems running, as opposed to the rush and roar of the old air handlers. And this is something on which you just can’t put a price or savings figure. With the coming change of season, I’m eager to see how the new furnaces perform.

I know quite often, you only hear about problems, and get called when things are broken and not working, so I wanted to give you some good news from a very satisfied customer. I have also referred you, by name, and Tempo, to a very good friend who has expressed a need to have his home comfort systems evaluated.”
– Anthony B., Plano

“I just used Tempo for the first time, and Ray R came out and I was so very pleased to find you guys! You are honest and professional, and do a great job. What a relief for a single woman! I had a very bad experience with another A/C company. I plan on getting a maintenance agreement for life on both my home, and my company. The other A/C company wanted to replace my whole system, when the only problem was dirty coils. Thank you so much for having intelligent, honest, and professional technicians. It is so wonderful dealing with you guys.”
– Karen S., Dallas

“On Saturday, July 2, at approximately 3:30 p.m., we heard a loud popping noise outside our family room window and ran outside to investigate. There was a second loud popping noise and we saw smoke pouring from our HVAC condenser unit. We could smell burning wires and called the fire department who opened the unit and put out the fire.

After calling our insurance company, I placed a call to TEMPO as you were the installer of the unit when we purchased our home in 2006. I spoke to Avitus, who assured me she would get back to me immediately after determining how quickly a technician could be sent out to access the damage. As promised, I heard back from Avitus within minutes to tell me a technician could be out within the next 2 hours. She called me again to inform me that your technician, Kevin, was on his way.

After assessing the damage and speaking to your Service Manager, Kevin presented us with our options to either have the unit repaired or replaced, and left us with an estimate. It was recommended that, due to the excessive damage, we consider replacement. We advised Kevin that we wanted to speak to our insurance company and would call TEMPO in the morning.

I called Sunday morning and again spoke to Avitus, and told her we wanted to have the unit replaced. Avitus stated she would get back to me as soon as she knew when a crew would be available to install a new unit. Within ½ hour, I received a call from Greg Shaw, who answered some warranty questions I had and advised that he would have a crew at our home within the next 3 hours.

By 2:45p.m., Sunday, July 3rd, our new unit was installed and running. We can’t tell you how impressed and happy we are with the customer service that was provided on a very hot, long holiday weekend.

Our sincere appreciation and thanks to all involved for their courtesy, professionalism and an outstanding job: Avitus, Greg Shaw, Joey Brown, and your technicians Kevin, and Will”
– Pat and Barry, McKinney

“I talked with Belinda on the phone. She was exceptionally nice and helpful. Jose was exceptionally nice, polite, and knowledgeable. I have worked in management positions for over 20 years and these folks are the types of people I would hire. Keep them and keep up the good work.”
– M. Williams, Fort Worth

“The field crews were on time, courteous and I believe, even left the attic cleaner than they found it! I can’t help but believe that employee-ownership makes the difference in your team members – pride in ownership really does make a difference! I certainly won’t hesitate in referring anyone looking for a reputable HVAC company.”
– Karen, Richardson

“The temperature throughout the house is great. My office is cool for the first time since they re-ducted and added the manual dampers at the unit. In the winter we had them closed and for the summer we open them. The KW usage for the same month last year was considerably lower. The average temp was the same.”
– Gary, Plano

“This letter is really to all of the fine folks at Tempo. This week, we had the first “Star Check” on the new systems that were installed in January. This visit went just like the rest of them, and prompted to write this letter.

Our relationship started back in October of 2004 when I decided to replace my two heating and AC units. I called a number of people to get bids, and to learn as much as I could about the heating and AC business. You, Greg, took the extra time to share things with me that others didn’t. You were very knowledgeable about you products and those of your competition. This lead to the decision to go with Tempo, despite the fact your price was a little higher then some of the others.

The installation crew did a great job. Replacing those big units and moving it all down from the attic, and not one scratch or mark on the walls. They did both units in one day so I did not have to take an extra day off, which I thought was above and beyond the call.

Then this week, the service specialist Mark came out and checked everything out and turned the AC on for the first time. It was all in working order with no problems, which made me feel good

All in all this was a great experience, and I would recommend Tempo to all of my friends and neighbors. You guys all did a great job and I am one satisfied customer. Thanks again.”
– Greg, Flower Mound

“I wanted you to know personally how well your folks serviced our AC last week. Your STAR program technician came out, checked us over, found two ducts that needed replacement, and a “sensor” (?) which needed replacing. He came back at 7 a.m. Mon. morning before his daily agenda to replace the part. Your servicemen came on Friday and did a good and efficient job w/minimal mess in replacing the ducts. Color us satisfied customers.”
– Mike, Dallas

“Your guys were a pleasure to deal with. I was especially pleased with their attention to not getting anything on the carpet as they carried materials into and out of the house.”
– Scott, Plano

“Tempo is oriented to providing superior customer service. They are one of the few companies that keep their appointments, almost to the minute. And, when they say they’re going to do something for you, rest assured it will be done, and done right the first time. And always fairly priced; not taking advantage of the customer. There are a lot of heating and air conditioner companies in the Metroplex, but I believe that Tempo is clearly at the top of the list.”
– Paul, Irving

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