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Commercial Services

Commercial HVAC Repair Services

Do you need immediate service for your business or building? Contact our Tempo Commercial Services Division Today:

Tempo Commercial Services Division
Jess Gordon– Division Leader
Direct Phone: 972.579.2065

Description of Services Offered

Tempo has experience and expertise in a broad range of commercial HVAC services including:

On demand 24-hour service for repair needs

  • Energy Saving Maintenance Agreements
  • Re-commissioning of HVAC systems
  • Continuous Commissioning
  • HVAC System Analysis
  • Energy Use Evaluation and Indoor Air Quality Analysis

Commercial Existing Building

  • Rehabilitation projects
  • Existing Multi-Family projects

Service Commitment

Our commercial service department provides 24/7 service if your HVAC system(s) is down. Operating a business without cooling and heating in Texas is not an option. Tempo’s “Live on Call” allows you to talk directly with a Customer Service Representative that can schedule a service call and/or dispatch a technician at any time. For immediate 24-hour emergency heating or air conditioning service call now: 975-579-2000

Energy Saving Maintenance Agreements

Tempo offers maintenance programs tailored to your HVAC system and operational requirements. Our inspection/service plans are designed to keep your heating and cooling systems up and running at peak efficiency. They also guarantee you top priority in scheduling any emergency repairs even during the period of highest demand. Tempo’s ESA’s provide significant discounts on parts and labor.

Re-commissioning / Continuous Commissioning & HVAC System Analysis

Over time either through insufficient maintenance or changes in the specific use of a building or space within a building, areas that were once comfortable become either over or under cooled or heated. This leads to employee/tenant complaints, reduced productivity, and wasted energy. A typical example of this is where several offices have been converted into a conference room and lack a room temperature control that can compensate for the varying levels of occupancy.

Tempo can survey your HVAC system and reconfigure the refrigeration, air side components and controls to match the current demands of the occupants. Many times this results in significant energy savings as well as providing the comfort your tenants or employees expect.

As part of the re-commissioning process we examine the HVAC system to see if there are energy saving or comfort upgrades that are applicable to your building and recommend the appropriate remedies.

Continuous commissioning formalizes this process to ensure that your heating and cooing systems are always running at peak performance levels. The energy usage and comfort is tracked closely against established benchmarks so that both are maximized. Continuous commissioning can significantly extend the useful life of HVAC equipment.

Energy Use Evaluation Indoor Air Quality Analysis

This process of evaluating your indoor air quality can be quick and very revealing. Through the use of simple monitors and some utility history it is often possible to identify behavioral changes that can have a significant impact on energy usage. Examples are:

Are temperature controls set and maintained at the appropriate level and for the appropriate times or have they been adjusted?
Is lighting being used when it is not needed either due to seasonal or occupancy factors?
Once these patterns have been identified management can take steps to correct the problem often at no cost.
Air quality is an issue that can affect productivity and work attendance. Simple monitors, strategically placed can identify pollutants and other air quality issues such have relative humidity that may be impacting employee performance.
Examples are:
Are there VOC’s present in the air stream?
Are you over or under ventilating the building causing higher energy bills or discomfort?

Multifamily Project Rehabilitation

Tempo has experience in performing retrofit work on large and small multifamily projects. The process often starts with a comprehensive energy audit that will help prioritize expenditures whether the complex has a central heating and cooling system or individual HVAC systems for each unit.
Tempo can show you how to lower the operating costs and add value to the project enhancing the owner’s ability to finance the upgrades to keep the project competitive in the marketplace.

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