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Some people are allergic to air conditioned rooms. Why?

It is often noticed that people often suffer from a morbid distaste of air conditioning and in fact many people are reported to come back from work with a headache due to their allergy to central air conditioning in particular and air conditioning in general. Some of the well known effects of an allergy to air conditioning is that the people start suffering from a headache, body ache or momentary coughing. In addition to that, the fact that they are exposed to air conditioning on a regular basis makes matters worse. It is a well known allergy in the modern world and this article enumerates the general reasons why some people suffer from this allergy.

Why some people are allergic to air conditioned rooms?

Now, it needs to be borne in mind that an individual is not born with such an allergy to air conditioning but it is only an extension of any existing problems that he might have. In this regard, all physicians and experienced researchers are on the same wavelength. One of the most common reasons for being allergic to air conditioning is an allergy to dust particles. One might have noticed that if an individual is exposed to dust in any form he might be reduced into a wreck and sneeze incessantly not because he has caught cold but due to the dust particles that he has been exposed to.

In the same way, air conditioners often spout dust particles along with the cool air that they distribute and if a person with allergies to dust particles is exposed to it then he will immediately have an attack of the allergy from which he suffers. So, as the reader can understand it is not a basic allergy towards air conditioners but a pre-existing allergy that has been triggered for being in presence of a air conditioner.

Moreover, the immune system of an individual is also a big reason why he might be susceptible to allergies that might have a crippling effect on the person and it is the case with allergies to air conditioning as well. Different people have different kinds of manifestations of the allergy. Some people might have severe headaches when exposed to air conditioning and this can be put down to a condition that they might have called sinusitis, as a result of which the person can suffer for long hours from a headache. The air conditioner can easily trigger the headache that the person would usually have from sinusitis and in such a situation it is concluded that the person has an allergy to air conditioning. A bout of cold is also a common effect of an allergy to air conditioning and this can be put down to a general weakness in the immunity system in the body of the individual.

Nowadays, people are taking extra precautions to make sure that they do not suffer from the allergy anymore since it is impossible to completely avoid air conditioning in one’s day to day life. It is expected that higher awareness would eventually get rid of this problem.


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