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Gold Star Agreement


Download Tempo’s Comprehensive Tune Up Procedures.

This plan is an exclusive offering of Tempo Mechanical Services, Inc. The GOLD STAR Agreement provides each eligible homeowner with seasonal tune-ups of their Comfort System(s). It also provides the homeowner with a full parts* and full labor coverage* on the replacement of parts for covered equipment. Full labor coverage is for the replacements of parts, which does not include the replacement of equipment.

The GOLD STAR Agreement is immediately available to any homeowner that is coming out of their two year new home warranty in which the equipment was installed by Tempo Mechanical. The GOLD STAR Agreement is available to anyone else, only after a Tempo Mechanical Technician has deemed the system to be up to industry standards. Any repairs that are required must be completed before coverage begins at the price rates of a STAR customer. The GOLD STAR Agreement is not initially available for equipment over 10 years old.

The GOLD STAR Agreement provides the homeowner with predictable and limited financial exposure. Under the GOLD STAR Agreement, the homeowner will receive full parts coverage with no labor charges for any repair parts on covered equipment under the agreement. There are no trip charges when a call is scheduled during normal business hours. Regardless of equipment age, consistent maintenance is critical to the efficient and trouble-free operation of all mechanical systems.

In the GOLD STAR Agreement all of the labor and parts for any equipment breakdown is provided with the following exclusions: compressor, condenser coil, evaporator coil, variable speed motors, and heat exchanger. These items are only covered if they are under the original manufacturer’s warranty. In the event one of these components should fail while the part is out of warranty the homeowner will be charged for the price of the component. Consequential or any other damages to and/or from items and repairs supplied by homeowners or other persons are not covered. As a condition of the parts and labor protection, Tempo will provide two (2) semi-annual GOLD STAR performance tune-ups and safety inspections to ensure that the system is operating efficiently and effectively. GOLD STAR tune-ups will be scheduled between the months of October and January for the fall inspections and February and May for the spring inspections. All tune-ups are scheduled at a mutually convenient time for Tempo and the homeowner. As the inspection seasons approach, Tempo will send postcards reminding customers to call and schedule seasonal maintenance. This does not relieve the home owner of the responsibility of scheduling the two (2) semi-annual inspections. It is the responsibility of the customer to schedule seasonal tune-ups within the designated season. Any tune-up not scheduled during the designated season is subject to forfeiture of that inspection. We reserve the right to perform seasonal GOLD STAR tune-ups while we are at your home on a service call at any time of the year.

Under the GOLD STAR Agreement parts or equipment failure due to “vandalism”, “animal/insect”, and/or “acts of nature” are not covered. Any parts or components “outside” of the equipment themselves are not covered. This agreement does not cover air distribution, ductwork, and/or capacity issues. This agreement does not cover cosmetic issues. This agreement does not cover loss of efficiency due to normal wear and tear. This agreement does not cover the replacement of filters or the resulting failures due to the failure to replace filters and may void any manufacturer’s warranty. Service expense for items not covered under this agreement will be priced at the discounted STAR Customer rate. Additional charges will apply for maintenance of items including, but not limited to, advanced filtration, humidification, and/or electronic air cleaners, unless said items are covered by Tempo Mechanical’s accessory coverage that is to be sold in conjunction with the GOLD STAR Agreement. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to provide free access to all equipment.

It is our objective to resolve all service calls in a timely fashion. GOLD STAR customers will receive priority service. However, Tempo makes no explicit guarantee regarding the time to respond to and resolve any specific service call. During non-peak periods, service calls will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. During peak periods, Tempo reserves the right to assign priorities based on need. GOLD STAR, Silver Star, STAR, and Warranty customers have first priority.

The applicable rates for service calls performed after normal business hours, on weekends, or on holidays will apply and are subject to equipment and parts availability. Normal GOLD STAR business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Coverage is based upon one year, whether paying monthly, which renews automatically, or in a lump sum, in which the home owner will receive a renewal one month prior to their expiration.

The protection plan goes with the home. In case of a sale, the protection is fully transferable to the new homeowner as long as the equipment has not been moved or worked on by another company.

This agreement can be canceled by either party, at any time, with 30 days written notice. Tempo will issue a prorated refund, less services rendered.


Why it really pays to be a Tempo GOLD STAR© Customer



  • Energy Savings: Annual maintenance often pays for itself in operating cost savings during the peak season alone. Empirical university and utility research found operating cost savings of up to $32.76 per month from annual maintenance.
  • Early Problem Resolution: We can identify and correct potential or developing problems within your system before the equipment fails, which leads to expensive, time consuming repairs.
  • Big Discounts: As a GOLD STAR© customer, you enjoy a $49.00 flat fee on most repairs to your system (See Terms and Coverage for Complete Details). These discounts can amount to literally thousands of dollars in savings when it comes time to repair your comfort equipment.
  • Priority Service: As a GOLD STAR© customer, you always get fast, priority service over customers without a service agreement. During the hottest summer day or the coldest winter night, you move to the top of the list if your comfort system fails!

Download Tempo’s Comprehensive Tune Up Procedures.

For questions and rates about Tempo GOLD STAR© Agreement, call a Tempo Service Agreement Specialist at (972) 579-2000 or Contact Us here.

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