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5 Tips for Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

To avoid having to hire a registered plumber or professional and have recurring costs, it would be a good idea to perform a number of checks on the plumbing system of your home yourself. All you need is a little preventative plumbing maintenance. You need to remember, however, that the plumbing system is made up of plumbing appliances and pipes. These include your bathtub, toilet, sink, shower, laundry facility and perhaps your lawn sprinkler system.

Water Pressure

Your water pressure is an important fundamental of providing you with an adequate and decent supply of water to your home. On some plumbing appliances, you might experience issues of water pressure loss. When this happens, it could indicate 3 things. The first, there might be a leak in your water pipelines somewhere. Second, your water line might be clogged with something. Third, there might be issues at the water supplier you do business with.

Laundry Rooms

Most people think about checking their kitchen and bathrooms for plumbing problems, and these rooms are usually where you will find the plumbing problems mostly. However, you should also remember to check your laundry room as well. During a load, the washer fills up twice; once to wet down your clothes, and again for rinsing away the soap. Both of these times, the draining process goes through a number of fittings and tubes, which are both susceptible to leaking. Be sure to check hoses for fragile cracks, blisters, or spots, and be sure to turn off the water valve prior to leaving your house for an extended period.

Hidden Leak

If you notice an abnormally high water bill, or a spike up all of a sudden, it might be time to have a professional service company come out and look at your plumbing. If you are noticing a sewage smell or another foul odor that come from the toilet or sink, this could mean you are due for a building repair of some kind. Floors or walls that have damp patches could mean you have a pipe leakage behind the wall. A shower that is slowly draining could mean a future problem, as could a toilet that needs repeated flushes.


Take a look at your shower, tub, and sink drains to see how fast your water is draining. Slow draining drains usually mean a plugged vent pipe or drain clog. While draining, all drains should present a swirl type motion. When the water is draining, if you notice bubbles, this could mean you have a drainage issue.


Flush toilets to ensure they are properly working. Look for broken parts in the toilet tank, or anything rusted, or missing. A lot of rust could indicate a weakened part that could break shortly. Replace any missing, rusted, or broken parts, or call into an expert plumber to get the job done. Do not forget to look for any toilet supplies that do not turn off after you flush. You should also look for signs of water leaks around your toilet. Last,, Push and pull your toilet firmly, but gently to see if it rocks or shifts.

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